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Underwater Hockey Equipment:


Underwater Hockey sticks are approximately one foot long. They come in many designs and are usually made out of wood (although some are plastic). They are painted either black or white which is used to determine which team someone is on. You can only use one hand to hold the stick.


Gloves come in many shapes and sizes. The purpose of the glove is to protect your hand from scraping against the bottom, and to provide padding incase you get by the puck. Players usually make them themselves out of a glove liner and either caulk or hot glue.


Underwater Hockey pucks are approximately the same shape and size as ice hockey pucks. However, they weigh 3 pounds so that they sink to the bottom. They are made out of lead covered with plastic. They come in a variety of colors, most commonly green, pink, and orange.


We wear a mask and snorkel in order to see the game. Scuba tanks are not allowed as they are slow and bulky, and could potentially injure someone.

In addition we also wear ear guards and mouth guards. Ear guards can either be a water polo cap, wrestling headgear, or ear protectors from a water polo cap directly attached to your mask. Mouth guards are attached to your snorkel and protect your teeth in case of an accident. Both of these are required as they will prevent the most serious injuries that can occur while playing hockey.


Since you need to use your hand to hold onto the stick, we wear fins in order to move thru the water. There are many different designs of fins and they come in all different sizes. The important thing is that they need to be full-foot fins (you can't wear fins with straps and booties).

Duct Tape

Theres nothing duct tape can't do (besides sticking to ducts). Used for pretty much anything you can think of, duct tape usually wins the Most Valuable Player and Cy Young award at every underwater hockey tournament. Electrical tape usually finishes second in voting.